At the Palace Side Hotel, where we can enjoy the Kyoto Imperial Garden’s beautiful trees right in front of our eyes throughout the year,

All guest rooms, restaurant, lobby, and banquet rooms are non-smoking.
Please use the smoking booth in the second floor greeting room “COM-PASS”

●For long term staying guests.
For long term staying guests. For long term staying guests.

We do not have Yukata(Japanese pajamas) equipped in the room. If you need a Yukata, we rent them for 100 yen per night. The rooms are equipped with minimum amenities such as toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap etc.

Destruction of nature, scarcity of resources, chemical pollution, global warming etc… These are all consequences of humanity, and are striking a note of warning. If we start right now by doing what we can, it will build up to change our environment to an “earth friendly” & “human friendly” environment.
What is important is to be aware that we must start now.

We appreciate your understanding and corporation.

  • Marutamachi Station Walking3min
  • KyotoImperialPalace Walking0min
  • Kyoto’s Prefectoral Office Walking5min
  • DaiNiSekiHospital Walking5min
The PalaceSideHotel