The Palace Side Hotel website keeps the guests’ information in a secure database upon making a reservation or making an inquiry.  The information given will be used to provide profitable service to our customers.

When filling out reservation form

At our website, we ask for your private information upon making a reservation or making an inquiry

How the information is used

The data as provided above are used on cases below
Reservation procedure
For accommodation procedures such as sending out pamphlets and replying inquiries
Mail Magazine
If you have answered, “yes” to receiving e-mail distribution, we will send out event and campaign information.  You may stop or re-start receiving the e-mail distribution at anytime from our website.
Other Information
We may contact the customer by e-mail, telephone, or post if the hotel decides there is a need for contacting the guest

Custody of private information

The database in which the customers’ private information is kept will be under strict custody of the management representative of the hotel and contracting company.
The private information may be opened to a third party only in the cases listed below:
When the information is needed to provide the necessary service to the customer.
When the information is needed by a contracting company to provide the necessary service to the customer.
When the customer agrees in information disclosure.
When police officials, courthouse, or other any official body has legal warrant.

When serious emergency has occurred to the customer, the hotel, or a third party.

Usage of Statistical Information

We use the database data to bring out statistical information without private information of the customers who use this website.  This information is used as marketing data only and nothing else.

Access Logs

We keep access logs of people accessing our website.  This access log includes domain, browser type, type of browser, access date and time, but none of these will contain information that identifies individuals.  Access log is used for statistical analysis and nothing else.

Privacy Policy Revision

Should there be any serious changes to this policy, it will be announced on this website.
For other minor changes, please check on the website for updated information.  We will not be held responsible for any troubles concerning factors that have not been checked.


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